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創作理念  Artist Statement

Yuka Otani的的創作關注透明物質本身的獨特性。她喜愛物質的獨特性,及物質在變化上如何表現,憑藉著多學科的工藝實作,埋首於純藝術創作、設計與科學等跨領域融合。近期的作品主要著眼於糖的物質轉化,使用包含雕像、裝置、版畫及錄像等多種創作方式,從看似平凡的物質中萃取出不可思議的美麗瞬間。

於疊藝術的個展中,Yuka Otani會展出一系列在台灣橋仔頭糖廠藝術村及駁二藝術特區駐村期間進行現地觀察而創作的作品,並把駐村區域具豐富歷史的蔗糖產業作為靈感來源。現今台灣的蔗糖產業步入衰退,大多數的煉糖廠於西元2000年之前歇業,然而蔗糖仍然作為是一個重要的文化象徵而存在著。許多舊所名跡遺留下來、人們很容易可以在街上看到甘蔗及甘蔗汁的攤販,及眾所皆知地比北部口味來得甜的南部傳統在地料理。以糖作為想像力的出發點,藝術家創造出一場介於現實與夢境、日常與無常之間的敘事之旅。

Yuka Otani’s creative explorations focus on embracing unique characteristics of transparent materials.  She loves the elusiveness of the materials, and how they are poised for change. With a multi-disciplinary style of studio practice she has been working in the crossover fields of fine art, design and science. Her current body of work investigates material transformation of sugar. Employing various media including sculpture, installation, print, and video, she extracts subtle moments of beauty from the quotidian material. 


For a solo exhibition at Telling Arts, Otani will be presenting a series of artworks based on her ongoing fieldwork in Taiwan, namely at the residency programs at Kio-A-Thau Sugar Refinery Artist Village and Pier-2 Art Center. She has drawn her inspirations from a rich history of sugar industry in the area. Today, Taiwan’s sugar industry is in decline. Most of the sugar refineries closed their doors before 2000. Yet, sugar still remains as a significant cultural icon. There are many artefacts from the old days, one can easily find sugarcane and sugarcane juice vendors on a street, traditional local cuisines are notably sweeter than those of north. Focusing on sugar as her departure point of imagination, the artist creates a narrative that travels between the worlds of reality and dream, ordinary and sublime. 

Anicca, 2016

Granulated sugar, corn syrup, water, digital video 13 minutes loop

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