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Critical Essays

Wen Meng-Yu (1987-)


Wen Meng-Yu was born in Chiayi, Taiwan and has received her M.F.A. in the Department of Fine Arts in Taipei National University of the Arts. She was among the artists listed by the Ministry of Culture in Art Taipei 2016 – MIT:Young Artist Discovery. Recognised by significant art award juries, Wen Meng-Yu was the recipient of the finalist award in 2018 ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE, the Chu Teh-I Jury Award in 2017 Art Olympia, the finalist award in 2015 Art Olympia, selected prize of Taipei Arts Awards (2014), The 12th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award (2014), Kaohsiung Awards (2013), top prize of The Arising Artist Award of New Taipei City (2013) and Long Yen Foundation Art scholarship. The artist has also been invited to exhibit in crucial joint exhibitions, including ‘Art Olympia 2015’ in Tokyo, ‘ASYAAF 2015’ in Seoul, ‘Art Olympia 2017’ in Tokyo, ‘ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE 2018’ in Venice. In 2015 She also held her solo exhibition ‘Circumstances’ at WINWIN Art Gallery and partook in ‘Residential Memory: Wen Meng-Yu and Wu Chien-Yi Duo Exhibition’ by Telling Arts. Her works are in the collections of FAN Museum in Japan, ‘Art Bank, Taiwan’, a program under National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the renowned Long Yen Foundation.


Wen Meng-Yu devotes herself to the discovering of the relationship between human beings and spaces. She takes rooms as a container of our daily life and captures the subtleties of human relationships through furniture and object arrangements. Memories and emotions that she recorded, collected and savoured are embedded in every piece of the furniture, adding energy and tension to her seemingly peaceful setting. The objects transformed into the containers and onto the canvases continue to tell its stories and elicit its elusive relations to people. Meng-Yu utilises windows and frames as symbols which introduce the external world into her art. By incorporating starry night, ocean and other elements from nature, she extends her personal experience into a collective emotion that goes beyond individual or specific memory from the past.   



出生於臺灣嘉義,畢業於國⽴臺北藝術⼤學美術學系碩⼠班創作組,2016年榮獲文化部遴選為Art Taipei「2016 Made In Taiwan-新人推薦特區」藝術家,亦獲得拉古納藝術獎 2018 入選、Art Olympia 2017 評審特別獎、Art Olympia 2015 入賞、臺北美術獎(2014)入選︑第十二屆桃源創作獎(2014)︑高雄獎(2013)︑新北市創作新⼈獎(2013)等多項當代藝壇指標性獎項優選及入選肯定,作品榮獲日本FAN美術館、國⽴臺灣美術館藝術銀⾏、龍顏基⾦會藝術創作獎典藏。温孟瑜在 2015年舉辦「情景⽣活」個展與 「記憶居留」聯展,其作品更受邀參與日本東京「Art Olympia 2015」、韓國首爾「ASYAAF 2015」、日本東京「Art Olympia 2017」、義大利威尼斯「ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE 拉古納藝術獎 2018」展出︒




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