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Lee Meng-Yi (1988-)


Born in Taichung, Taiwan, and graduated from the master program of the Department of Fine Arts in Tunghai University, Lee Meng-Yi has been the finalist of multiple art awards, among which are Kaohsiung Awards in 2014, The 10th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award in 2012, and Exhibition of the Newly Emerging Artists in Taiwan in 2011. The artist was invited to numerous exhibitions, including her solo exhibitions ‘Place of Birth’ (2015) and ‘Place of Birth’ (2013), and joint exhibition ‘i.t.| Taiwan & Brazil exhibit exchange of young artists’ at King Car Cultural & Art Center in 2011. Taking oil painting and mixed media as her way of expression, Meng-Yi narrates stories of ancient mythologies with symbolic images. Greatly inspired by Paul Gauguin and Henri Rousseau as well as the Surrealism, the artist observes the world through her creating process and art, discovering the detailed and unique approach to life.  


Within the frames, life turns into endless ventures and tricks with daylight and night sky as backdrops. Its colours at the border of life and death are connected to the portal of eternity, and the fairy-like figures among the nature’s cycle are in search of a dream of everlasting peace.Lee Meng-Yi’s art springs from her childhood memory of playing monkey bars. Play is perceived by Meng-Yi as an instinctive act in search of happiness. The monkey bar from her childhood is later depicted in her painting as a symbolic bridge between nature and civilisation. Through observing animal postures and nature she discovers the similar traits shown in both animal and human. Like a spiritual and therapeutic ceremony, Meng-Yi’s art, along with her interest in ancient religions, reveals her journey exploring answers to life. 



出生於臺灣臺中,畢業於東海⼤學美術系碩⼠班創作組,獲得⾼雄獎(2014)、第⼗屆桃源創作獎(2012)、臺灣美術新貌展(2011)等當代藝壇指標性獎項入圍肯定。李孟儀曾受邀舉辦「誕生的地方」(2015)、「樂園之初」(2013)個展,亦參與「i.t.我題巴西x台灣新秀交流展」(2011)國際聯展。主要創作為油畫及複合媒材,繪畫受高更(Paul Gauguin )、盧梭 (Henri Rousseau) 及超現實主義的影響,認為創作是打開世界之窗所凍結的瞬間,等待觀者去察覺這些深刻的片段。



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