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Chong Kok-Yew (1988-)


Chong Kok Yew has focused his attention on photo documentary and street photography for a long time. Topics of Chong's work include portraits, still life, animals, buildings, and streets. His photos present the aesthetics of geometric arrangement of shades, color blocks, and patterns. With his passion in black and white photography, Chong's work is full of secret, leaving people with inspirations of their own. Most of Chong's photos seem to be making silent, simple statement, but they also reveal the beauty of loneliness, like self-reflection in a playful way. Chong doesn't emphasize on techniques or forms, but truthfully presents what he sees. Through sharp intuitive thinking and his ability to previsualize, Chong creates a language of photography that integrates imagination and reality. The boundary between organism and nonorganism and the unrevealed beauty featured in Chong's photos deliver the unspoken emotions of people's inner-self towards the outer world.




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