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創作理念  Artist Statement







以日常作為個人創作的基底,在反覆描繪與調色的同時,期許能將日常的私密轉化為一種共有的場景,切入情感之外的連結。」 ── 温孟瑜

“My creation focuses on the delicate emotion in life. In the daily life atmosphere, I thoroughly depict the inner situation that is constructed by space and items. I use the method of situation stacking to arrange the scene fragments on the physical area of a canvas, and to reorganize the space that is constructed by feeling and scene. I use especially those indoor scenes that surround and close to the face of daily life to become my main theme of emotional projection during creation.


Among all, an observable topic of creation is the relationship among items. No matter graphics, the placement of furniture and items, the arrangement of print patterns, or the previous emotion and marks that are hidden under graphics, they all become the details that I elaborate in my paintings. I try to make items to become a metaphor of the relationships among people. The metaphor implies the distance of watching and the existed location. Through an intimate and familiar perspective, they are all settled in a creation.


The space in the creations is constructed by plain and patterned style. It is made by the thickness of color and the texture quality to stack up the style about indoor area. The use of print patterns (serigraphy) condenses its complicated creation time. I converse those flatten layers into the delicate texture on a canvas, and through replication and transformation, they are granted for meaning. The use of technique is displaced by the style that I observe space, and in the process there are staged appearances and differences created.


The basis of my creation is daily life. During the time that I repeatedly depict and mix color, I expect that I can transform the private daily life into a commonly shared scene, and build up the links other than emotion.” ── Wen Meng-Yu

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