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Critical Essays

創作理念  Artist Statement


近日的創作都企圖在每一張的創作中打破上一張的繪畫方式,以此刺激並找尋更多、更豐富的繪畫語言,充盈妄想中的畫面。另外,人物造型更加圖像化,是誠懇地面對日本漫畫文化對於自身的影響,亦試圖更簡潔的圖像化元素,作為融合『漫畫』與『水墨』、『人物』與『場景』的有效橋樑。」 ── 黃向藝

“Underdressing someone with my own eyes are the daily scenes. I release crazy thoughts of my brain toward daily life and corners. Those whitening trees, curling withering branches, thick eyelids, circles around eyes which are turning purple...These all stimulate crazy imaginations in my brain.

I attempt to break the previous painting style for every painting of my recent artworks, in order to stimulate and find more rich language of painting, that is filled with delusional images. The human figure is more concise. It is a result of facing the influence of Japanese manga culture on me. Besides, I use this clean image as a bridge to integrate ‘manga style’ vs. ‘ink painting style’ and ‘figure’ vs. ‘scene’ matter in my painting.” ── Wong Xiang-Yi

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