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Critical Essays

創作理念  Artist Statement





每座森林作為隱喻有著自身運作的生態體系,有時候我們只是暫時路過。在這每一片刻短暫相遇的過程中景色依舊、人事已非甚至全然更替、消失,而我們始終仍不斷穿梭於不同體系間,在互動交流中找尋自身的位置。風景中刻意沒有人被安排在畫面裡,然後每一個風景都是與不同的人在不同的時間點彼此交織構成所留下的痕跡。」 ── 許聖泓

“The source of image of this landscape painting series mostly comes from my photos in my trips or travels.


To me, painting is a media. I paint in front of the photos that I took in the past. I do not draw to reveal these scenes, but the imagination that came from my reflection on my state during painting, my living environment and the scene that had already changed. Through painting, I connect the past to the current time and mix them on a canvas. It then becomes an image that is about to be shown in an upcoming moment. Some connections connect to unknown, and painting is the initiation of this digging process. Painting these landscape paintings is like gathering the scattered life experience here. Painting is a task to painters that they handle their relationships among themselves, space and time continuously.


As a metaphor, every forest has its ecosystem that functions in its own way. Sometimes we just briefly passed. For every brief moment that we meet, landscape remains the same, yet personnel and situation are no longer and vanished. And we continuously travel among different systems, to find our own places through interaction and communication. There is not a single person in a landscape scene on purpose, and every scene is a mark that people leave when they meet different people in different time.” ── Shiu Sheng-Hung

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