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Exhibition 疊藝術展覽



展期 | 2018 / 11 / 23 - 11 / 26

VIP預展| 2018 / 11 / 23  10:00 - 21:00
地點 | 深圳市福田區福華三路 深圳會展中心8號館
參展藝術家 | 黃至正、許聖泓、温孟瑜

Telling Arts | 疊藝術 二度進軍國際,以「時間囊.深圳」為名,展出旗下三位活躍於國際展覽舞台的優秀青年藝術家黃至正、許聖泓與温孟瑜的近年力作,試圖將展場視為一個展示藝術文化產品用的容器,貯藏人們在此空間裡所度過的時光。Telling Arts | 疊藝術 即將邁入第五年,期望透過「時間囊」,有意無意地埋下具有實驗與開創性質的作品,等待機緣令它們再次被發現。藝術文化產品描述我們所生活的複雜圖景,留下歷史性的印記,經由人們所選擇和支持的藝術品暸解過去的記憶和理解未來,使藝術的運作成為與未來互動和對話的一種溝通形式。




With the name “Time Capsule” we try to see the exhibition hall as a container to show artworks and to store the time people spent in this space. Telling Arts is going to welcome its fifth year. Through the “Time Capsule” we wish to bury the experimental and pioneering art, where they will wait for the opportunity to be discover again. Artworks depict the complicated pictures of our lives and leave the historical marks. We can not only understand memories in the past, but also the future through art works which are chosen and supported by people to make the operation of arts become a communication form while interacting and talking with future.


      “Time Capsule.Shenzhen” displays the special work collection from three subsidiary proxy artists in cooperation. The time they spent on creation is from 2015 to 2018. Creators arouse the resonance and self reflection by carrying the world view of themselves and presenting the times they are. Huang Chih-Cheng’s “Dream Wanderer” is a kind of continuance of "Feast” series. It is inspired by “Symposium” by Plato. Blood and muscles of human beings are combined with plants, and the souls will exist in samsara to protect and yearn for their partners. Shiu Sheng-Hung uses “Forest” as a metaphor among his landscape painting series to let separated life experiences meet here. Each landscape is a mark. It is left while interacting with different people at different time points. Wen Meng-Yu makes private memories as the core of her creations and keeps daily things through paintings. She shows her thoughts toward objects which are left in this area. 

Shiu Sheng-Hung 許聖泓
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