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Exhibition 疊藝術展覽


"The Love Mirage" Wen Chia-Ning Solo Exhibition

展期 | 2017 / 11 / 04 - 12 / 09
地點 | Telling Arts | 疊藝術 台北市光復南路415巷40號
開放時間 | 星期一至日,下午1時至8時

「自己跟自己永無盡頭的遊戲 / 你虛擬的愛人 / 大美麗的白日夢

市售愛人──啟發自網路購物頁面上販售的盒裝充氣娃娃 [註1],選項很多、依照個人對性的投射愛好,能快速購入盒裝的虛擬愛人。『性感少婦 MILF』一詞語境源於世界上最大色情影片網站的分類,成人片演員藉由演繹風韻猶存的已婚婦女、來滿足廣大異性戀男性對踰越禁忌的快感,進而也形塑出一種對陰性角色的期待。

『為了建構異性戀的身分,異性戀要求一種社會性別的連續性表演』(朱迪斯·巴特勒 Judith Butler)

2017 年在創作中積極思考『變裝』的意義──是否能建立出一種新的真實 : 不是我們常想的封閉狀態。 臺灣媒體依然得意於製造性別,並同時理所當然地暴力地監管著『正常』與『不正常』的分際,這類不真切的性別角色在媒體雕塑下形成一種召喚、製造出一種對理想性別的規範性暴力,我們對於陰性角色在社會形象中的『期待』是不是一種公然的暴力?

我繪畫中的人物形象總是變形扭曲的,企圖以幽默的方式對社會價值建構出的『美』提出質疑──當肉身與面貌以變幻不安的邊界現身,被蓄意曲解的色慾是否還存在呢? 讓畫中不企求美的角色迸出一種莫名的自我滿足感以及興奮的慰藉、思考性別光譜中角色扮演者的姿態與立場,並期待透過繪畫中戲謔扮相的陰性形象,翻轉眾人對於性別固著的思考方式,提供一些面對性的新想像。」 ── 溫佳寧

[註1] 大美麗的Becky Pipedream極限Dollz Plus尺寸充氣愛娃娃夏季特別包。(含免費禮品$ 20.00價值)

“An unending game with the self / Your love mirage / Beautiful daydream

The concept of the ‘commercial lover’ is inspired by boxed sex dolls sold on the internet [Note 1], with fast delivery and a versatility of choices that meet personal projections and needs toward sex. The term ‘MILF’ originates from the category of the world’s largest porn site where actresses play seductive married women, fulfilling the fantasy and pleasure of heterosexual men towards social taboos while shaping expectations towards the feminine. 

‘In order to construct a seamless heterosexual identity, heterosexuality demands a continuous performance of gender.’ (Judith Butler)

Throughout my works in 2017, I actively engage in contemplations towards the meaning of ‘cross-dressing’ and the possibility of constructing a new reality different from our isolated state of thought. Taiwan media takes pride in manufacturing concepts towards gender, violently and matter-of-factly supervising the line between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’. These inauthentic gender roles are transformed into a calling through the media, forming a brutal provision towards ideal categorizations of gender. Are our expectations of the feminine role in society a form of public violence?

The figures in my paintings are usually deformed and distorted, attempting to question ‘beauty’ constructed on social values through humor: do sexual desires that are deliberately twisted continue to exist when the body and facial features are presented on the border of unstable variation? Far from pursuing beauty, the characters in the paintings produce a vague sense of self-satisfaction and comforting excitement, pondering the attitude and position of those playing a role amid the spectrum of gender. In addition, these works attempt to overturn the public’s fixed attitude towards gender through feminine figures depicted with absurd appearances.” ── Wen Chia-Ning

[Note 1] Big Beautiful Becky Pipedream Extreme Dollz Plus Size Inflatable Love Doll Summer Bundle Special. (Includes free gift $20.00 value)

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