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Exhibition 疊藝術展覽


"Moisture" Wong Xiang-Yi Solo Exhibition

展期 | 2018 / 06 / 02 - 07 / 15
地點 | Telling Arts | 疊藝術 台北市光復南路415巷40號
開放時間 | 星期一至日,下午1時至8時

Telling Arts | 疊藝術 很榮幸地宣布,我們即將於2018年6月2日舉行「濡濕」黃向藝個展開幕。馬來西亞藝術家黃向藝融合當代觀點與傳統水墨的藝術表現,曾於2014年獲英國Thames & Hudson評選為「百⼤明⽇畫家」(100 Painters of Tomorrow),2017年應馬來西亞國家美術館之邀請,參與“Di Mana (where are) Young” 101位當代女性藝術家聯展,更是該展中唯一一位以水墨作品獲邀參展的藝術家。「濡濕」是黃向藝在相隔3年後再度於台灣舉辦的個展,將展出新作近十件,亦呈現2012至2015年間與其香港、台北經驗有關的重要創作。



「意淫所能觸及即是日常的場景,我便在日常生活與角落裏釋放腦袋裏的狂想。那些白化的樹、捲曲的枯枝、厚重的眼皮、發紫的眼圈……都刺激著腦裏狂妄的臆想。」 ── 黃向藝

We announce with pleasure that “Moisture”, Wong Xiang-Yi Solo Exhibition will be opened on 06.02.2018. Malaysian artist, Wong Xiang-Yi blends contemporary point of view and art performance of traditional ink wash painting. She had been selected as 100 Painters of Tomorrow by Thames & Hudson of England in 2014. She was invited by National Art Gallery to participate in “Di Mana (where are) Young”, Joint Exhibition of 101 contemporary female artists in 2017. Wong is also the only artist invited with her traditional ink wash painting. “Moisture” is her solo exhibition held in Taiwan again. Her exhibition was held three years before. Nearly 10 new works will be put on the exhibition. Important works which are related to her experiences about Hong Kong and Taiwan from 2012 to 2015 will also be shown.

Exhibition with name “Moisture” this time reflects affection and imagination of viewers and with a metaphor of desire and gazes of female. Wong indulges herself in depicting the affection between Adonises. Through the features of paper and silk which are light, smooth, and thin to radiate obscure atmosphere with chemistry. Through modal performance of figures, the penetration and changing of scenes to interpret desires and imagination toward ideal relationship in their hearts just like nudity of body, translucent cloth, and delicate clothing with Batik patterns. Wong’s own experiences and cultural background reflects on character portraying and are revealed faintly. Also, with influences from external cultures, contour lines of Western painting are blended to outline pliable bodies and mystic eyes. Fruits with refreshing, fragrant juice, plants and animals symbolize lust in picture. Figures are put in daily life, houses, and Mother Nature can give viewers spiritual space which detaches reality. Perspectives of female shown in Wong’s works embody spirit of the times and cultural life. A kind of artistic language which respects tradition and is overthrowing are used to respond to the society to convey passion in hearts.

“Underdressing someone with my own eyes are the daily scenes. I release crazy thoughts of my brain toward daily life and corners.Those whitening trees, curling withering branches, thick eyelids, circles around eyes which are turning purple...These all stimulates crazy imaginations in my brain.”

── Wong Xiang-Yi

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